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For provincial capital ATH -----Abbreviated Trouble History ABB -----abbreviation HRV -----abbreviation for Croatia ANM -----Abbreviation with No thought AAI -----"Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms" ABD -----abdicated AXR -----Abdominal X-Ray AUJ -----Aberdeen University Journal AZV -----Abfallzweckverband AYN -----Aboriginal Youth Network ABT -----About ABV -----above AAB -----Above And on the far side ALQ -----Abraham Lincoln Quarterly AJM -----Abrasive Jet Machining AWJ -----Abrasive facility Jet ABR -----abridged AJV -----Abrupt Junction Varactor AWL -----Absent With Leave ABF -----Absolute Bloody Final (drink) AOF -----Absolute Open Flow AQU -----Absolute Quality establishment AWT -----Abstract Window Toolkit (java) AYV -----Abutilon scandalmongering Virus AIS -----Academic Instruction School AYG -----Academic gathering Grant AZG -----Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen AGK -----Academy of Goju Karate AIB -----Academy of internationalistic Business AJK -----Academy of Japanese Karate ACC -----Accelerate AGP -----Accelerated Graphics Port ARI -----Accelerated Research opening move APG -----Accelerating Population Growth AQL -----Acceptable Quality Level AUP -----Acceptable Use Policy ABU -----Acceptance for Beneficial Use AII -----Acceptance Inspection Instruction ATR -----Acceptance Test Report AHC -----Accepting Houses commission AXS -----access ACL -----Access Control List ARL -----Access Rights spatial relation ASG -----Access religious ritual Group ASR -----Access Service Request AUI -----Access Unit Interface AIU -----Accident work Unit ADB -----Accidental Death Benefit APV -----Accounts Payable Voucher AIM -----Accuracy In Media AQJ -----Ace-Queen-Jack AQX -----Ace-Queen-Unknown ABE -----Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (solvent) AXM -----Acetoxycyclohexamide ACH -----Acetylcholine ACD -----acid citrate dextrose ACK -----acknowledged CUU -----ACM Conference on Universal Usability ANS -----Acorn Net Station AUN -----Acorn Universal Networking ACQ -----acquisition AQP -----Acquisition attribute Plan ALR -----Action Leakage Rate ASH -----Action on Smoking and Health ACX -----Active Control e Xperts AGN -----Active Galactic Nucleus AUO -----Active User entity ADO -----Active X Data Objects AIJ -----Activities Implimented Jointly AIO -----"Activities, Interests and Opinions" ABH -----Actual Bodily alteration AGW -----Actual Gross Weight AGZ -----Actual Ground Zone ANP -----Actual Navigation Performance AML -----Acute funiculus Leukemia AMI -----Acute Myocardial Infarction APU -----Acute Psychiatric Unit ARF -----Acute Respiratory fortune AUL -----Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia AHM -----Acutely Hazardous Materials AHG -----Ad Hoc Group ADL -----Ada plan language QVJ -----Adams (Massachusetts) Library ALN -----Adaptive Learning meshing ACS -----Additional Curates Society ADR -----Additional Dialogue Recording (film jargon) ADY -----Additional Duty AXC -----Additional e Xtended Coverage AEC -----Additional Extended Coverage AVC -----Additional Voluntary Contributions AKR -----Address Key Register AMP -----Adenosine Mono Phosphate AYP -----Adequate Yearly Progress ABO -----Adiabatic Born-Oppenheimer AMF -----Adios My mortal ADJ -----Adjutant ADM -----administration AAJ -----Administrative Appeals Judge ACO -----Administrative Contract business establishment ARE -----Admiralty Research Establishment ARJ -----Admission Reject AOX -----Adsorbable Organohalogens ADV -----advance AAH -----Advanced onrush Helicopter AEG -----Advanced Engineering from Germany AXX -----Advanced workplace Experiment AXV -----Advanced inquiry Vehicle AXL -----Advanced e Xtended markup word AFW -----Advanced Fire Wire AGR -----Advanced Gas-cooled (nuclear) electrical device AGC -----Advanced alumna Certificate AIN -----Advanced Intelligent cloth AIX -----Advanced Interactive e Xecutive AJT -----Advanced Job Training AJP -----Advanced Joint Planning APT -----Advanced rider Train AQF -----Advanced Quick Fix ARS -----Advanced Righting instrumentality ASS -----Advanced Sensor System ASX -----Advanced Systems e Xcellence ATB -----Advanced Technology Bomber ATX -----Advanced profession lengthy [Format] AVS -----Advanced Visual Systems AWM -----Advanced store Management AXF -----Advanced X-Ray adeptness VAN -----ad VANtage (tennis) AEL -----Adverse Effect Level ACY -----Advocates for Children and young person AEQ -----aequalis (Latin: equal) AOT -----Aerosol Open attempt AET -----"aetatis (Latin: at the end of, aged) " AFF -----affiliated AFG -----Afghanistan AFR -----Africa ANC -----African National Congress AVU -----African practical University ACP -----"African, Carribean and ocean (countries) " AWB -----Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging (right-wing political party in South Africa) ZAF -----Afrique du Sud (code ISO de pays) AFT -----after ADS -----After Dinner Speaking AHR -----After Heat Removal ARO -----After mark of orderliness AXY -----Aftercastle Yearbook AOE -----Age Of l Egends AFP -----Agence France-Presse ARH -----Agence rgionale de l'hospitalisation AGY -----agency AQW -----Agenda Quik-Writing AGT -----agent AXT -----AGETOR XML Transformation AXJ -----Agility Excellent Jumper AWF -----Aging wild service AGD -----Agreed AGE -----Agricultural Engineer ALT -----Agricultural Lands court ARC -----Agricultural look into administrative unit AUA -----Agricultural Unit of Account AKE -----Agrotikon Komma Ellados AHD -----Ahead AAL -----Aid Association for Lutherans ANB -----Aids to Navigation Boat AAK -----"Aim, Attack, Kill" ACM -----Air Chief-Marshall ADC -----Air Defence Command AEM -----Air Efficiency Medal AFB -----Air Force Base AFH -----Air Force enchiridion AFM -----Air Force Medal AHU -----Air Handling Unit AJX -----Air Japan AKL -----Air Kilroe ALO -----Air Liaison military officer ANG -----Air National Guard AOA -----Air Officer in charge of Administration APZ -----Air Patrol Zone AQA -----Air Quality human activity AQC -----Air Quality control condition AQD -----Air Quality process AQG -----Air Quality Guidelines AQI -----Air Quality mathematical notation AQM -----Air Quality Monitoring AQS -----Air Quality Standard AQV -----Air Quality evaluation ASO -----Air Staff Officer AAM -----Air to Air Missile ATC -----Air Traffic Control ATA -----Air transportation Auxillary AVH -----Air Vehicle Handler AWS -----Air Warfare Course AWI -----Air Water programme ABN -----Air Bor N AEW -----Airborne Early Warning CVW -----Aircraft Carrier Air helping AHV -----Aircraft Handling medium AIK -----Aircraft Installation Kits AOG -----Aircraft on Ground ACW -----Air trade Woman ACV -----Air-Cushion medium ALW -----Air-Launched Weapon AQE -----Airman Qualifying Examination AOV -----Air-Operated control ATZ -----Airport Traffic Zone ARP -----Air-Raid Precautions ASI -----Air Speed Indicator AUM -----Air-to-Underwater Missile AWY -----Airway ASK -----Akademische Software Kooperation AGA -----Aktiebolaget Gasackumulator (cooker) AHK -----Aktiv Hinten Kinematik ABZ -----"Al, Bill, and Zorn Manufacturing, Inc. AAX -----Area of Absolute e Xclusion AAZ -----Areas And Zones ARG -----arginine RXZ -----Arginine-Alanine-Proline (proteins) ANL -----Argonne National testing ground AYE -----Argue Your End ALI -----Argyl Light Infantry ALU -----Arithmetic and Logic Unit (computing) ADE -----Arizona Department of content AZQ -----Arizona Quarterly AZX -----Arizona Stock Exchange AJG -----Arizone Jojoba Growers ARK -----Arkansas AHP -----Arkansas Highway Police AHE -----Armament Handling instrumentation ASD -----Armament provision Department APO -----Armed Forces (or Army) line of work Office AMV -----Armored Maintenance Vehicle AFV -----Armoured Fighting Vehicle AIV -----Armoured Infantry Vehicle APC -----Armoured Personnel self-propelled vehicle AAC -----Army Air Corps AAF -----Army Air Force ACF -----Army Cadet physical phenomenon AER -----Army exigency propriety AHN -----Army Health woman AKN -----Army noesis Network AKO -----Army cognition On-line ANV -----Army of Northern Virginia AOD -----Army Ordnance Department APD -----Army Pay Department AQB -----Army Qualifications stamp battery ASC -----Army Service Corps AVR -----Army Volunteer Reserve AWR -----Army War Reserve AYT -----Army early days team up ARR -----arrangement AOO -----Art lending Of capital of canada AON -----Art Of disturbance ATD -----Art Teacher's Diploma AID -----Artificial Insemination by Donor AIH -----Artificial Insemination by Husband AMN -----Artificial Mains Network AOY -----Artist of the assemblage AFY -----Arts For Youth AHH -----Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase (used in herbaceous plant research) AZF -----As If AHS -----Ashland High School APN -----Asia Pacific Networx AZN -----Asian (used in singles ads) AXQ -----Asian Xgames Qualifier ASN -----asparagine AMB -----Asparagus Mustard Blancmange (! " ALA -----Alabama AMW -----ALARA Management Worksheet AEH -----Alarm Event Handler AKJ -----"Alaska, Juneau" AKI -----Alaskan Independent Party AYX -----Alaskan Yukon soul AKY -----Albanian Kosovar Youth YZA -----Albany Law time period Library AJS -----Albert John Stevens (British motor cycle manufacturer) AEN -----Alberta Environmental system AWP -----Alberta Wheat Pool ALB -----albumin ABW -----alcohol by weight (abw) ATF -----"Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms" ALD -----Alderman AXH -----Alexanders Holdings AYS -----Alexandia (VA) young person Soccer ALG -----algebra AKU -----Algemene Kunstzijde Unie AVV -----Algemene Vrijinning Vakverbond ALK -----alkali AEZ -----Alkaline object Zeolite AKD -----Alkyl Ketene chemical compound AAW -----All about the World AAO -----All At Once ACN -----All obsessed Notified AFN -----All For Nothing AIQ -----All Is Quiet AJW -----All Japan Womens contact sport ANA -----All Nippon Airways AOK -----All OK (alright) AOS -----All Over the Shop AOW -----All Over the World APB -----All Points Bulletin (US) AVT -----All Volatile Treatment AYB -----All Your Base AYW -----All Your production AKH -----Allegemeines Krankenhaus QQH -----Allegheny administrative district (Pennsylvania) Planning and Development Library AEK -----All-Electric Kitchen [ie no gas] AFJ -----Alliance For Justice ABY -----Alliance of Baptist Youth ACE -----"Allied Command, Europe " AXP -----Allied e Xercise Publication AHQ -----Allied chief housing AIW -----Allied Industrial Workers AMG -----Allied Military Government AIR -----All-India Radio ATV -----All-Terrian fomite AUR -----All-Up Round AVF -----All-Volunteer unit AWX -----All-Weather Aircraft AUW -----Aloha United Way AXO -----Alpha Chi Omega AKX -----Alpha letter Chi AKK -----Alpha Kappa Kappa AZO -----Alpha Zeta Omega AAT -----Alpha-1-Anti-Trypsin (treatment for cystic fibrosis) ANW -----Alpha-Numeric Warning QOU -----al-Quds agaze University AKA -----Also Known As AFU -----alt. urban [Usenet newsgroup] ASB -----Alternative Service publication (church of england) AZD -----Alternativer Zustelldienst AHZ -----Altherrenzirkel AZS -----Alumina-Zirconia-Silica AKS -----Aluminum-Potassium-Silicon AAY -----Always All Yours ALZ -----Alzheimer's unwellness AEU -----Amalgamated field Union AWA -----Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd. AYF -----Are You ended RUJ -----a Re yo U Joking? ) ASP -----aspartic acid AHB -----Assault Helicopter Battalion ACZ -----Assembly Coder's Zenith AEO -----Assication of expo Organisers AJQ -----Assignment and Justification Questionnaire AAG -----Assistant Adjutant-General ACG -----Assistant Chaplain-General ADG -----Assistant Director-General APM -----Assistant Provost-Marshall ARD -----Assistant Resident Director ASM -----Assistant Stage Manager AYM -----Assistant Yard Master ANJ -----Associacao Nacional de Jornais AND -----Associate Administrator for NAS Development AAS -----Associate in Applied Science AFA -----Associate in Fine Arts AGS -----Associate in general-purpose Studies AKC -----Associate of King's College (London) AIA -----Associate of the Institute of Actuaries AGI -----Associate of the initiate of certifiable Grocers AIG -----Associate of the Institute of certified Grocers AIC -----Associate of the Institute of Commerce AIE -----Associate of the Institute of Education AIP -----Associate of the Institute of Plumbing ASF -----Associate of the Institute of Shipping and Forwarded Agents AIL -----Associate of the tradition of Linguists ARA -----Associate of the Royal Academy ATI -----Associate of the artefact Institute AEB -----Associated Examining Board AYZ -----Associated Youth for hill AKQ -----Association des Kinotherapeutes du Quebec ASE -----Association for Science Education ASJ -----Association for Scientific Journals APF -----Association for the Propogation of the Faith AAV -----Association of Avian Veterinarians ABI -----Association of British Insurers ACU -----Association of Commonwealth Universities AEJ -----Association of denizen Journalists AGB -----Association of Governing Boards AIT -----Association of Inspectors of Taxes AJO -----Association of Jensen Owners AJL -----Association of soul Libraries AKG -----Association of Kew Growers AME -----Association of Municipal Engineers AOM -----Association of Ontario Midwives AUT -----Association of educational institution Teachers AWO -----Association of Water Officers AWW -----Association of Women Welders AYJ -----Association of yugoslavian Jews AZH -----Association of Zoological Horticulture AVY -----Association Viticole Yvorne AZI -----Association Zen Internationale APL -----Associative Programming higher cognitive process ATE -----Associativity Test Equation AXN -----Assurante Experts Nederland APE -----Asterisk Placement Executive ATG -----Asterix The Gaul ASY -----Astounding Stories Yearbook AAQ -----Astronomical unification of Queensland AVZ -----Astronomische Vereinigung Zuerich APJ -----Astrophysical Journal [Space] ADW -----Asymptotic crooked gesture ATP -----At room Temperature and Pressure ATM -----At The Moment ABG -----Aterial Blood Gas ATY -----Atividades Terapeuticas e workout ATL -----Atlantic AMR -----Atlantic weapon system reach ANF -----Atlantic atomic causal agency AST -----Atlantic common Time AUU -----ATM User-to-User AWV -----Atmospheric Wind rate AEA -----Atomic Energy expert AHW -----Atomic Hydrogen Welding AMU -----Atomic Mass social unit AWD -----Atomic Weapons Decommissioning AWE -----Atomic Weapons start ATW -----ATomic Weight AYU -----Atomic time of life Ultrasonics AKW -----Atomkraftwerk ALE -----"Atropine, Lidocaine, Epinephrine" ARN -----ATS direct Network AFX -----Attack Fighter e Xperimental AHX -----Attack heavier-than-air craft Experimental AHO -----Attack Helicopter Operations ARW -----Attitude Reaction Wheel AGO -----Attorney at-large of Ontario AGG -----Attributed Graph Grammar system AUD -----Audible ACR -----Audio container Recorder ACA -----Audio shrinking Algorithm AES -----Audio discipline Society AJB -----Audio Junction Box ARU -----Audio Response Unit AVK -----Audio Video essence AVI -----Audio Visual Interleaved ALM -----Audio Lingual Method (in commandment a foreign language) AVA -----Audio Visual Aids AVL -----Audio Visual speech communication AVP -----Audio ocular Processor ADQ -----Audits of Data superior AEY -----Auger Electron Yield APW -----Augmented Plane Wave AUG -----August AEE -----Auronautical individual AWZ -----Aus- und Weiterbildungszentrum AQZ -----Ausbildungs- und Qualifizierungszentrum ABJ -----Austin commerce Journal ANZ -----Australia and New seeland banking group AUS -----Australia(n) AAP -----Australian Associated fourth estate ABC -----Australian Broadcasting house ACT -----Australian Capital dominion ACB -----Australian orthopterous insect Board ADT -----Australian Digital Theses program AGL -----Australian Gas buoyant organisation AGH -----Australian General medical building AGJ -----Australian stringed instrument Journal AHA -----Australian Hotels Association AIF -----Australian Imperial Forces AJC -----Australian Jockey Club AJZ -----Australian periodical of biological science ALP -----Australian Labour Party ALJ -----Australian Law Journal ANU -----Australian home University AUQ -----Australian Quarterly ARY -----Australian country-style Youth ATO -----Australian Taxation Office AVJ -----Australian Veterinary leger AWC -----Australian pelage Corporation AWU -----Australian Worker's Union AXK -----Australian Xbox Killers AYO -----Australian age bracket Orchestra AYQ -----Australian maturity Quartet AKB -----Australian-Korean Business AHY -----Austrian History Yearbook AUF -----AUthentication Function AHJ -----Authority Having powerfulness AXZ -----Auto group action Zaire AZZ -----Auto Zentrum Zerbst AFZ -----Auto-Free Zone ALS -----Autograph character Signed AED -----Automated External Defibrilator AGV -----Automated Guided Vehicle AKM -----Automated Key Management AQO -----Automated Quality Organization AWN -----Automated Weather Network AAE -----Automatic Assemble Editing ADP -----Automatic datum Processing ADX -----Automatic Digital e Xchange AFD -----Automatic file in Distribution ALC -----Automatic horizontal Control ANK -----Automatic Navigation Kit ANO -----Automatic web cause ANI -----Automatic Number Identification AOI -----Automatic Optical Inspection ARQ -----Automatic Repeat re search AVM -----Automatic Vending Machine ANX -----Automotive system Exchange ALV -----Autonomous Land object AUV -----Autonomous Underwater Vehicle ARZ -----Auto-Restricted Zone AZR -----Autozentrum Radebeul TAH -----"Auxilary, Hospital ship, MSC manned (naval ship type) " AXB -----Auxiliary Boiler AXW -----Auxiliary Wasteheat AKV -----"Auxiliary, Cargo, Aircraft" AGF -----"Auxiliary, General, Flagship" ATS -----Auxillary Territorial Service (women in Britain 1938-48) AUX -----auxillary verb AXD -----Auxilliary Drum AVO -----Available Vehicle Occupancy AVE -----Avenue AVG -----Average AHT -----Average Holding Time AOQ -----Average Outgoing Quality APQ -----Average Picture grade AQH -----Average unit of time Hour AVQ -----Average Voice Quality AYD -----Average Yearly Demand ADU -----Avian Demography Unit AVN -----aviation AMO -----Aviation Medical Officer AMH -----Aviation Structural Mechanic (Hydraulics) US armed service Rating AFK -----Away From Keyboard AXI -----axiom QUY -----Ayacucho quechuan language AIY -----Ayshire Imperial bodyguard AZE -----Azerbaijan (031) ISO 3-letter country code AZT -----Azidothymidine AQN -----Azimuthal quantity Number AZU -----azumith BMB -----B***** Me Backwards BMG -----Baader-Meinhof mob BHK -----Babcock-Hitachi Kaisha BJV -----Baby and Junior Violence BAC -----baccalaureat (French school examination) BWV -----Bach Werke-Verzeichnis (German: catalogue of Back's works) BAQ -----Bachelor Airmen's Quarters BEQ -----Bachelor Enlisted Quarters BAM -----Bachelor of Applied scientific discipline BAJ -----Bachelor of Arts in news media BAO -----Bachelor of Arts in Obstetrics BBA -----Bachelor of Business medication BCA -----Bachelor of Commerce and Administration BCY -----Bachelor of cooking Arts Technology BDS -----Bachelor of Dental surgical operation BED -----Bachelor of Education EDB -----Bachelor of Education BHJ -----Bachelor of Human official BIE -----Bachelor of Industrial Engineering BLA -----Bachelor of scenery fine arts BLL -----Bachelor of Laws LLB -----Bachelor of Laws (legum baccaleureus) BLS -----Bachelor of collection Science BMS -----Bachelor of military man Science BME -----Bachelor of Medical subject BPE -----Bachelor of Physical mental object BPA -----Bachelor of Professional subject area BPH -----Bachelor of Public Health BRE -----Bachelor of Religious learning BSC -----Bachelor of Science BSF -----Bachelor of scientific discipline in Forestry BSJ -----Bachelor of subject in Journalism BSN -----Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSP -----Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy BSS -----Bachelor of Secretarial Science BCH -----Bachelor of medical procedure (Latin: baccalaureus chirurgiae) BTE -----Bachelor of fabric Engineering BTP -----Bachelor of Town Planning BOQ -----Bachelor Officer twenty-five percent BTO -----Bachman-Turner employ BCG -----Bacillus Calmette-Guerin BXU -----Bacillus Xylanase Unit BAK -----Back At Keyboard BOH -----Back Of House BOT -----Back On Topic BYB -----Back piece of land stock farmer BBE -----Background Block Error BGN -----Back Ground Noise BPR -----Back-Pressure Regulator BPN -----Back-Propagation scheme BNN -----Back-propagation neuronal Network BKD -----Backscatter Kikuchi optical phenomenon BAI -----Backup Aerospace-vehicle imagination BDC -----Backup environment mechanism BUF -----Back-Up Facility BWH -----Backup With Holding BCK -----backward(s) BWO -----Backward-Wave generator BYW -----Backyard Wrestling BLT -----Bacon Lettuce & Tomato BJE -----Bad Joke Ending BQI -----Bad Questions Ignored BHV -----Badischer Handball-Verband BMK -----Badmintonklubb BAG -----Baggage BYK -----Bajaj Youth Cycle BNT -----Baker-Nunn condense BAL -----Balance BFB -----Balanced Failure Biasing BLR -----Balanced Likelihood Ratio BTI -----Balanced Technology Initiative BXO -----Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans BLW -----Baldwin Locomotive Works BVH -----Balgownie Veterinary health facility BGA -----Ball Grid Array BBJ -----Ball-Bearing Joint BAT -----Ballistic unsubstantial Target BEE -----Ballistic Electron Emission BMD -----Ballistic Missile defence BLN -----Balloon BGE -----Baltimore Gas and electric automobile institution BHU -----Baltimore Hebrew University BBV -----Banco Bilbao Vizcaya BLX -----Banco Latinoamericano de Exportacione BZN -----Band Zonder Naam BDQ -----Bande Dessinee Quebecoise BQL -----Bandial BXD -----Bandwidth and Delay BWB -----Band Width Balancing BWC -----Band dimension Control BRQ -----Bandwidth Re Quest BNH -----Bangkok Nursing Home BHE -----Bangor Hydro-Electric Company BEU -----Bank Employees unionised BXQ -----Bank Exchange Quantity BIS -----Bank for International Settlements BGZ -----Bank Gospodarki Zywnooeciowej BOE -----Bank Of England BOJ -----Bank of Jamaica BNY -----Bank of New York BNZ -----Bank of New Zealand BOS -----Bank of Scotland BOZ -----Bank of republic of zambia BVE -----Bank von Ernst (Liechtenstein) BKG -----banking BDW -----Banking Data Warehouse BKY -----Bankruptcy BEI -----Banque europeenne d'investissement (French: european investment bank) BWJ -----Banten West beverage BUV -----Baptist Union of Victoria BWA -----Baptist World Alliance BAP -----baptized BCR -----Bar Code Reader BHB -----Bar Harbor Bankshares. AAU -----Amateur Athletic closed (america) APA -----Amateur Press organisation AXG -----Amax Gold AZJ -----Amazonenjagd AWQ -----Ambient urine superior AOZ -----Ambulantes Operations Zentrum AMD -----amend AOL -----America On electromagnetic wave ARV -----American (standard) Revised Edition AAA -----American Academy of publicity SWV -----American all-female soul performers ABA -----American Basketball Association ABL -----American Basketball League ABS -----American Broadcasting System ACJ -----American connectedness Journal ACI -----American Concrete Institute AEP -----American physical phenomenon Power AEV -----American Emergency Vehicles AEF -----American Expeditionary Forces AEI -----American express mail International AFL -----American Federation of Labor AFS -----American Field Scholarship AFI -----American Film create AFC -----American Football Conference AHI -----American chromatic association AJH -----American Jewish History AJI -----American Jewish Institute AJY -----American judaic Youth AJR -----American Journalism Review (Periodical) AKF -----American Kidney amass ALL -----American Liberty unite AMZ -----American transport Zone AMA -----American medical examination social activity AMC -----American move Company AMX -----American Motorcross(X) AMS -----American liberal arts Society AMJ -----American Muslims for Jerusalem ANQ -----American Notes and Queries AJA -----American of Japanese Ancestry AOU -----American Ornithologists' trade union AOJ -----American Orthoptic Journal API -----American Petroleum create QQG -----American aggregation Research Library APS -----American Psychological association TVT -----American record company ASL -----American Sign oral communication ASQ -----American Society for Quality ASZ -----American guild of Zoologists ASV -----American Standard Version UPN -----american television network AUY -----American closed of Youth AUH -----American University Hospital AUK -----American University in Kyrgyzstan AVD -----American Vetinary Department AWG -----American Wire Gauge AWH -----American Women's Hospitals AYR -----American Year in Review AYH -----American Youth athletic game AYY -----American Youth Yoga AZL -----American Z Lines AZA -----American Zinc affiliation AZC -----American hebrew Council AZM -----American jew Movement AZY -----American Zionist Youth AJJ -----Americans for Justice on the Job ALX -----America's Learning Exchange MXY -----AMEX Mexico Index ADK -----Ammosov Delone and Krainov atomic tunnelling model AWK -----"Amo, Weinberger, Kernighan (programming language)" AMT -----amount AMY -----Ampere Modulated Yielding APK -----Amplitude time period Keying AEX -----Amsterdam (stock) chemical phenomenon AAN -----An Amazing time period AFE -----Analog Front End AVB -----Analog Video Bandwidth AAD -----Analogue Analogue Digital (recording technique) ADD -----Analogue Digital extremity AQT -----Analytical Query time period ANE -----Anarchy 'N' Explosives AOH -----Ancient Order of Hibernians AOR -----And AMM -----And Much More AYA -----And Yet once more ATK -----Andrew Tool Kit AUE -----Andrew User Environment AYI -----Angle of Yaw Indicator ASA -----Angle Side Angle AZB -----Angular Z-Buffer (ray-tracing algorithm) ANH -----"Anhang (German: appendix, of a book)" AGU -----Anhydroglucose Units AXU -----Animal assemblage Unlimited AFO -----Animal consumption Operations AHL -----Animal Health Laboratories ANN -----annals ZBX -----Annawan-Alba (Illinois) Township Library ADZ -----Annual Day Zero AGM -----Annual General Meeting ALF -----Annual Licence Fee APR -----Annual Percentage Rate APY -----Annual portion Yield AQQ -----Annual Qualifications Questionnaire AYL -----Annual Yearly Loss ANR -----another AMQ -----Another Moronic Question AFQ -----Answers Facts and Questions ANT -----antenna ATU -----Antenna Tuning Unit APH -----Ante Partum Haemorrhage ALH -----Anterior Lobe Hormone AKZ -----Antiarmor Kill Zone ABM -----Anti-Ballistic Missle ABX -----Antibiotics ADH -----Anti Duretic Hormone AHF -----Anti Haemophilic division AIZ -----Anti-Imperialistische Zelle(n) (German) AJD -----Anti-Jam Display AJE -----Anti-Jam Equipment AJF -----Anti-Jam absolute frequency AXE -----Antique e Xercise Equipment ASW -----Anti u-boat Work ATT -----Anti Tetanus Toxoid AVX -----Anti Virus e Xpert ALY -----Antroposofisen Laaketieteen Yhdistyksen AOP -----Any Old Place AOB -----Any separate Business AQK -----Any Quick touching AOC -----Apellation d'Origine Controlee AKP -----Apogee Kick Planning APP -----apparatus AQY -----Apparent Quantum payoff ATJ -----Appendices To Journals ATQ -----Apple Talk Transition Queue AMK -----Applied Materials Korea (name of a company) ARM -----Applied Research Methods ART -----Applied Risc Technologies AKT -----Apprentice psychological feature Test ADF -----Approved Deposit collect ADI -----Approved drive Instructor AQR -----Approximate and Qualitative Reasoning assort APX -----approximately ASU -----Arab Socialist northern AUZ -----Arbeitskreis Umfassende Zahnheilkunde AZK -----Arbeitsnehmer Zentrum Koenigswinter ARB -----arbitrager AVW -----Arbor Vitae Woodruff School ATN -----arc tangent WXK -----Archaeologie (library cataloguing) ABP -----Archbishop ANY -----Architecture New York AZW -----Architektur Zentrum Wien AZP -----Archiv fuer die Zivilistische Praxis AGQ -----Archives Gaies du Quebec AJU -----Archives Juives AUB -----Are yo U Bored? Danny P Boyle, Draco Sys, Drago Supply, Dragoco, Dragoo Ins Agency, Drainage Products, Drake Homes, "Drake, region of", Dranix LLC, Draper & Kramer, Draper Shade & Screen Co, Draw Title, DRB Grp, DRD Associates, Dream Foundation, Dream talent Media, Dream Skeems, Dreiers Nursing Care Ctr, Dreisbach Enterprises, Dresick Farms Inc, "Dress Barn, The", Dresser Industrial, Dressler Rockey Milnamow Kat, Drever Mc Intosh Co, Drew Memorial Hospital, actor University, Drexel Univ, Drexler Group, army officer Corp, DRF, Driessen Culligan, Driggs Corp, Drilex Systems, Drillers Service, "Dripping Springs, urban centre of", Drive procession Industries, Driveline Services, Driver Leasing, Driver Logistics Svc, Driver pipe Co, Drivers Direct, DRM/Denro Inc, Droogh Dairy, DRS Communications, Drs Garza Aleman & Asoc, Drudge propeller Products, Drug Emporium, "Drugstore, The", Drury Inn, DRW Contractors, Dry Creek Schl Dist, Dry Fabrication & Welding, Dryden & Wyche LLP, Dryden Margoles Schimaneck Hartm, Dryk & Assoc, DS America, DSC Communications, DSE Inc, Dset Corp, DSI Distributing, DSL, "DSP Group, The", DSS Prodiesel, DT Trading, DTL Transportation, Du Trac Comm Credit Union, Dual Drilling, Dualite Inc, Duane Pires, Duarte Nurseries, Duarte Unif Schl Dist, Duarte Unif Schl Dist-Board, "Duarte, City of", Dub Holdings, Dubard Inc, national capital Construction Co, capital of ireland protective cover Authority, Dublin ISD, capital of ireland San Ramon Svc Dist, Dublin San Ramon Svcs Dist, "Dublin, metropolis of", Dubois Woods, Dubuis Hlth Sys, Dubuque Anesthesia Svcs, town Express Co, Dubuque Foods, Dubuque Greyhound Park, Dubuque Ins, Dubuque Stamping & Mfg, Dubuque/Rochelle Foods, Ducharme Mc Millen & Assoc Inc, Duckert Pallet, Ducks Unlimited, Duclos Corp, Dudley Acoustics, Dudley B Pratt, Duensing Deposition Reporters, Dufresne Henry, lord Benefit Svc Inc, Duke Mfg, Duke Sherwood Construction, Dukes transportation Svcs, Dullam Nursery, Dumars Landscaping, Dumas ISD, Dumore Corp, Dumore Krodhler Furniture, Dumore Kroehler Furniture, Dun & Bradstreet Software, Dunbar Cook & Shepard, Duncan Enterprises, dancer room & Bath, Duncanson & Holt, Dunham & Smith Agencies, Dunlap Memorial Hospital, Dunlap Mgmt, Dunlop Mgmt, Dunlop Slazenger Corp, Dunn Enterprises, Dunn Mental Hlth Ctr VASA, Dunningan h2o Dist, Dupaco Cold Storage, Dupaco Comm Hosp, Dupage Die Casting, Dupont Corp, Dupre Transport, Dura Automotive Systems, Dura Style Homes, Duraflame Inc, Durakon Industries, Duralee Fabrics, city & Co, metropolis Company, Durham Internal Medicine, Durham Transportation, Duro Bad, Duro Bag Manufacturing, Duro Med Industries, Durrant Grp, land Corp, european country Valley Food Co, Dutch Way Farm Market, Dutcher Phipps wading bird & Riggins, Dutchland Plastics, Dutchman res publica Market, DV Dairy, DV Diary, DV8, DW Distribution, DW Ewing Movers, DW Mc Millan, Dwight Andrus Ins, DX Services, DXP Enterprises, Dycom Industries, Dye Sheet antimonial Products, Dyersburg Corp, Dyersburg Yarn, Dygert Seating, Dykema Excavators, Dyn America, Dyn Corp, Dyna Technology, Dyna Tenn Dyna VA, Dyna VA, Dynablast, Dynaco Inc, Dynafab, Dynagear Inc, Dynalectron, Dynamic Corp, Dynamic Engineering, energetic Fluid Measurement, energizing Glass, Dynamic Hlth Products, Dynamic Industries Inc, Dynamics Technology, Dynasty Transportation, Dyno East Kentucky, Dyno New England, Dyno Nobel Distributors Trust, Dyno Nobel Inc, Dyno Overlays Inc, Dyno Southeast, Dyno Transportation, E Bierhaus & Sons, E Center, E Naum, E Robert Rost DDS, E TEX Mechanical, E&C Engineers & Cnslt, E&E Specialties, E&G Concrete, E&J Gallo Winery, E&L Avila Labor, E&O Professionals, E351 ESI, EA Engineering subject field & Technology, EA married woman & Co, EA actor Machinery, EA Miller, Eagle Affiliates, Eagle Air, Eagle Crusher, Eagle Family Foods, Eagle Gasket & Packing, Eagle Geophysical, Eagle Granite, Eagle Group, Eagle Industries, Eagle Insurance Grp, Eagle Iron Works, "Eagle Lake, City of", Eagle Marine Services, Eagle authority Products, Eagle OPG, Eagle Optics, Eagle Pass anatomical structure Sys, Eagle Pass saddlery Authority, Eagle Pass Water Wrks Sys, "Eagle Pass, City of", Eagle Pest Control, Eagle Picher Boge LLC, emblem Picher Industries, Eagle Pitcher Industries, Eagle Point, Eagle significance Corp, Eagle Primary Physican Assoc, allegory Rehab Ctr, Eagle Star Ins, Eagle Temporaries, Eagle Transport, Eagle USA Airfreight, Eagle Well Service Co, Eagle Wireless, Eagles Pride, Eaglet Pride, EAI Corp, EAI aid Staffing, Eakes Office Products, Earhart Petroleum, Earl & Wright, Earl L Bonsack, Earl Litho Printing, peer Scheib Inc, Earls hand truck Sales, Early ISD, "Early, City of", Earnies Cash Register, Earth Angels, ground Bound Farms, land Waste, Earthbound Farm, Earthlink, Earthworks, East Allen County Schools, orient Balt, East Balt Commissaty, East Baton Rouge School, East Bay lawsuit Registers, eastern Bay Cash Registers, East Bay Dischargers Auth, East Bay Drayage Drivers Scrty Fnd, East Bay Excavating Co, East Bay territorial Park Dist, East Bay eating place Supply, East Center, East Central Illinois Plumbers Lcl 383, e Chamber ISD, East Chambers Cnty Consolid, East Cnty Derm Med Grp, East prospect Tile, "East Grand Rapids, City of", asia Hampton Village, East hawkeye state Machine Co, geographic area jerome david kern Airport Dist, East Kern Airport Dist-Board, East urban centre territorial division Hospital, easterly Molin Metal Products, "East Mountain, City of", East Naples Fire Rescue Dist, East of Eden, East Orange Child Development, East Pasco Med Ctr, East metropolis High, "East Peoria, administrative district of", asia Providence educational institution Dist, East tn automobile Club, e Tennessee Bonding Co, East Tennessee Clinical Resear, East tn Foundation, eastside Tennessee Pioneer Oil, East Tennessee State Univ, East Texas Crude Co, East american state Empt & Training, East lone-star state Mack, East tx check-up Alliance, East Texas Medical Center, cardinal compass point american state Packers Sales & Svc, East Texas Prof Credit Un, East Valley thing Dist, East Whiteland Township, East Whittier City Elem School, Eastern Alabama Railway, Eastern Business Forms, orient geographic area job Ctr, Eastern Co, Eastern Electric, Eastern Electric Apparatus Repair, Eastern Exposure, east Maine, Eastern Michigan Univ, Eastern Municipal Water Dist, Eastern New Mexico Med Ctr, Eastern New Mexico Univ, Eastern beaver state Clg-Athletic Acc, Eastern Savings Bank, south-eastern seaside Packaging, Eastern Service Corp, easterly algonquian language Tribe, south-eastern ace Home, Eastern Tennessee State Univ, Eastern Townships Fncl Svcs, Eastern Video Systems, Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Eastfield Glass, Eastland CAD, Eastland ISD, Eastland Memorial Hospital, "Eastland, City of", "Eastman, City of", "Easton, City of", Eastridge Group, Eastside Christian Church, Eastwind Airlines, Easy Auto Credit, Easy Living, Eaton Corp, Eaton Metal Products Co, "Eatonville, township of", Eau Claire Mattress, EB Enterprise, EBA&M Corp, Ebara Technologies, Ebasco Svcs Inc, EBI Co, EBM, Ebonite Intl, EBP Healthplans, EBS, EC Chmel Inc, EC Services, ECalton, ECCS Inc, Echales Assoc, Echales Management Corp, Echelon, Echlin Inc, ECI Semiconductor, Ecipt Brinkoetter & Sons, Ecipt Commercial Mechanical, Ecipt Dodson Plumbing, Ecipt Doyle measuring & Heating, Eciptwf Glade Plumbing/Heat, Eciptwf Henry Hart, Eciptwf JC Dillon, Eck Industries, Ecker Enterprises, Eckert Cold Storage, Eckerts Van & Storage, theologian Holdings, Ecklund Carriers, Eclipse edible fruit Farms, Eco Farms Corp, Ecolab Inc, Econco Broadcast Svc, Econex, Econex North, Econo automotive vehicle Painting, Econo Lube N' Tune, Econo Print Milwaukee, Economic DVLPT CRP/Shasta, Economy piece of furniture Industry, Economy Supply, Ector Cnty 911 Dist, Ector administrative division Hospital Dist, "Ector, City of", Ed Debevics, Ed Kawasaki, Ed Kirwan Graphic Arts, Ed Moseley Ford Lincoln Mercur, Ed Nitsche, Ed Pink athletics Engines, Ed Voyles Companies, EDCO Disposal, Eddy Corp, Edelbrock, Edelman Public relation Worldwide, Edelmen Public Relations, Eden Hospital Med Ctr, Eden medical exam Ctr, Eden Park Nursing Homes, "Eden, City of", Edgehill Drugs, Edgewater, Edgewater Rehab Assoc, Edgewood Golf Course, Edgewood Village Market, Edgington Oil/Oasis Petroleum, Edify Corp, Edinburg Teachers Credit Un, "Edinburg, municipality of", Edison Brothers, Edison Intl, Editions Ltd, Edmonton Manufacturing, "Edna, City of", EDP Enterprises, EDS (Electronic information Sys), Eds economic process Co, EDSA, Edstrom Industries, Education America, Education deferred payment Corp, Education Svc Ctr Multi Regional, Educational & Business Microcomputers, Educational Electronics Corp, Educational Research Svcs, learning Testing Svcs, Educators, black prince A anthropologist MD, Edward A Utlaut Hlth Svcs, prince B robert morris Assoc, Edward D railroad engineer & Co, Edward Equip Sales, Edward Kraemer & Sons, Edward L Schechter MD, Edward Lowe Industries, Edward M Rude Carrier Corp, prince Nelson MD, Edward R Chaplin MD, Edward S Lewis MD, Edward W Brown MD, Edwardos Natural Pizza, Edwards Equip Sales, Edwards Nursery of Visalia, theologizer Perry & Haas LLP, Edwin C Bybee, EE Jensen Sprinklers, EE Richter & Sons, Eeco Inc, Eel River Sawmills, EER Systems, EERC, EF Brady Co, EF Industries, Efco Corp, Effective Mgmt Sys, Efficient class Svcs, Efmark Svc Co, EFP south-eastward Corp, Efratom, EFW, Egain Communications, Egg Harbor Township, Egger Homes, Eggers Industries, Egghead Software, EGR Co, EGS Americas, EGS Electrical Grp, EGS Electrical Grp Dir, EGS Production Machining, Egyptian governance Scholars, Egyptian Laquer LFG Co, EH Price Co, EH Wood, EI Kane, Eichler Fayne & Assoc, Eidos Interactive, Eighty Four Lumber Co, EIMCO, Eire Inc, Eisaman john the divine & Laws, Eisenhower Med Ctr Cap Svcs, EJS Video Plus, El Buen Samaritano Episco, El Cajon Ltd, "El Cajon, City of", El Camino Irrigation Dist, El Camino Resources, "El Centro, City of", El leonard marx Restaurants, El Conejo Mexican Restaurant, El Cortez, El Dorado material Co, El Dorado Claims, El Dorado County Employees, El Dorado County Fire Protection Dist, El Dorado Hills Community Svcs, El constellation Hills County water system Dist, El constellation building Casino, El Dorado Paper Bag, El Dorado Private Schools, El Dorado Springs Schools, "El Dorado, County", "El Dorado, region of", El Encanto, El Interior, "El Lago, City of", El Lilly & Co, "El Macero, County of", El Monte City Schl Dist, El card game RV, El Monte brotherhood High School Dist, "El Monte, metropolis of", El Pacifico, El Pacifico Peruiano Suiza, El Paso Central classification Dist, El Paso Electric Co, El Paso School Dist, "El Paso, City of", El Pollo Loco, El Portal, El Rancho Unif Schl Dist, El Redentor Pre Schl, El Rio Chiropractic, El Sausal Middle School, "El Segundo City, City Council", "El Segundo, City of", El Sol Nacional, EL Stone Co, El Tapatio Foods, El Toro Materials, Elaine Peck Mgmt, Elan Vital Inc, Elastex, Elastic Corp of America, Elbt Construction, ELCA Board of Pensions, Elco Industries, imaginary place Bank, Eldred Sheet Metal, Elec & Eletek USA, mythical being ISD, Electri Flex Co, galvanising Materials Co, Electric Motor Shop, Electric Motors, Electric Wire Products, Electrical blueprint & Motor, Electrical & Control Systems Engr, Electrical Contractors, physical phenomenon Controls, Electrical Design & Motor, Electrical Lcl 756, Electrical Wkrs of SF Lcl 6, physical phenomenon Workers HWTF, electric Wrk H&W Trst, Electrical Wrk H&W Trst Contra Costa, Electrical Wrk H&W Trst San Mateo, Electro Chem Etching Co, Electro Glass, Electro Matic Products, Electro Mech Co, Electro Painters, Electro Test Inc, Electron, Electron Devices, Electronic Comp Dist, Electronic Data Carriers, Electronic datum Sys, Electronic Industries Assn, Electronic Innovations, Electronic Payment Svcs, natural philosophy blueprint & Sales, Electroply, Electrorep, Electroscope Inc, Electrosonic Sys, luxury Illusions, Elementals Skin Care, Eletroncic Ben Admin, Elevating Communications, Eleventh Hour, Elexsys International, Elgin Butler Brick Co, Elgin Location, Elgin Molded Plastics, Elgin Sweeper Co, "Elgin, City of", Eli Lilly & Co, Elias Industries, Eliason & Knuth, Eliason Corp, Elilte Title, Elite Fabrics, Elite Intl Transportation, Elite Patio & Barbeque, upper class Resources, Elixir, Eliza Coffed Mem Hospital, elizabeth i Arden, Elizabeth Miller, Elizabeth Nolan MD, Elizabethton Newspapers, Elizabethtown College, Elk Grove Comm Svcs Dist, Elkhart Container, Elkhart ISD, Elkhart Machine & Tool, "Elkhorn, City of", Elkins Builder's Supply, "Elko, City of", Elkon Systems, ELL Credit Union, Elle Salon, Ellen Equipment, Ellenburg Capital, Ellett Brothers, "Ellinwood, City of", Elliot Aviation, Elliot Metal, Elliot Sawmilling Co, Elliott Chevrolet, Elliott electrical Supply Co, Ellis & Ellis Signs Displays, Ellis Brothers, Ellis Cnty Appraisal Dist, Ellis K Phelps & Co, Ellison Bakeries, Ellison Media, Ello Furniture, Elm Manufacturing, Elma Electronics, Elmer sugar cane Corp, Elmer Products, Elmer Rental, Elmers Mercer Restaurants, Elmers Products Inc, Elmira College, Elmo Semiconductor, "Elms, The", Elna M Smith, Elosorb Intl, Elrod Farming, Elrod Framing, Elsag bulwark Process Automatio, Elsevier US Holdings, Elsimore Aerospace, Elsinore LP, Elton R Garner Jr Attny at Law, Elvia help Belgium, Elvia Assistance Austria, Elvins Auto Repair, "Elwood, administrative district of", Elwyn Industries, Ely & Assoc, Elyria Sales, Elyte ATM Svcs, Elzinga & Volkers, EM Care, EM Industries, Emanual Hospital, Embassy of Belgium, Embassy of Egypt, "Embassy of Sweden, The", Embassy of the Sultanate Oman, Embassy Suites, coal Care Health Center, Embraer Aircraft Corp, Embree Construction Grp, EMC Corp, EMCO Distributors, EMCO Inc, greenness Peoples Utility Dist, Emerald Solutions, Emerald Sunrooms & Design, Emerald Systems, Emerald Tech, Emergency aggregation Sys, Emergency Medicine Phys, Emergency One, Emergent Information Tech, Emerik Hotel Corp, Emerik Properties, Emeritus aided Living, Emerson Branson Intl Plasma Cor, Emerson information processing system Power, Emerson Electric Co for In Sink Erator, writer Liebert, Emerson Motion Control, Emerson Power Transmission, "Emerville, City of", Emeryville Redevelopment Agency, "Emeryville, City/Non-Pers", "Emeryville, City/Retire Sys", EMG, EMI Corp, EMI Music, EMI Records, Emigh Hardware, Emilio Martin Justu MD, Eminence Security, EMM Holdings, Emmanuel Med Ctr/Turlock, Emmaus Catholic Books & Gifts, "Emmet, territorial division of", Emmis Communications Corp, Emons transferral Grp, "Emory, City of", Emphesys Financial Grp, Empi Inc-PEPM, Empire Builders, Empire Die Casting, Empire electric Svc, Empire Express, Empire Funding, Empire Industries, Empire flat Mfg, Empire Trust (Emp), Empire West, Employee Ben Admin & Mgmt, Employee Ben Solutions, Employees First Fed Credit Un, Employer Advantage, Employer brass Svcs, leader Personel Svcs, Employer design Services, Employer inventiveness Grp, Employers Alternative, Employers Personnel Svc, Employers Resource, Employers Risk Svcs, Employment modification Dept, Employment ECT, Emporia nation Univ, EMPP Inc, Empress Casino, EMS Admin Svcs, EMS II Inc, Emus Landing, En Chem, En Tellect Environmental, Enabler Manged Care, Enchanted Gardens, Enchantment Flotation, Encinitas Fire Dist, Encinitas combustion Protection Dist, Encinitas Union Schl Dist, "Encinitas, City of", Encintas hygienical Dist, performance aesculapian Corp, Encore Senior Living, Endevco, Endevco Retirees, Endoscopy Specialists, Endovascular Technologies, Enemy Tattoo, Enercon Engineering, Enerfab Inc, Enerfin Resources, Energenecs, Energetics, Energy & Resources Conservation, sprightliness Dynamics Industries, vigour Insurance, strength Mechanical/Sac Bldrs Exchange, vim delivery Strategies, Enersyst Development, Enertron Tech, Enform Technologies, Engeo, Engine Components, Engine Power Source, Engineer Trust Fund PE, Engineered Handling Products, Engineered Machine Products, Engineered Products, Engineered Storage Systems, Engineering & Testing Svcs, Engineering Animation, Engineering Assoc, Engineering Dept, Engineering Ind, Engineering Service, Engineers & Fabricators, Engineers Control, Engineers Motor Truck, England Corsair, Engle Hambright & Davies, Engle Well Service Co, Englefield Oil Co, Englehart Corp, Englewood Hospital, Englewood Tire Distributors, "Englewood, City of", English China Clays, English Hills Ranch, English Trucking, Engraph, Enid Grp Homes, Enj Solutions, Enjet, Ennis Business Firms, Ennis Business Forms, "Ennis, City of", Enns Packing Co, Ennvironmental Landscrape, Enplus, Enron Corp, ENSCO Intl, Ensign Emblems, Ensign Oil & Gas, Enspira Corp, ENT 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Becker & gullible PC, Epyx Inc, EQE Inc, Equant Mktg Grp, Equiable Securities Corp, Equifax, Equinox Grp, instrumentation Resale, Equipto, Equitable Bag Co Inc, "Equitable, The", "Equitable, The (Emp Of)", Equitec Financial Grp, Equitrac Corp, Equity Corp, Equity One, Equity Residential Properties, Equity Technologies, Equity RE, mammal genus Computer Systems, ER woodsman Co, ER Doc, ER Jahna Industries, Erapmus, ERBA, ERE Yarmouth, Ergo Science, Eric Electronics, Eric Nelson News, Erickson Transport, Ericsson, Ericsson Intl, Erie Construction, Erie Haven, Erie Metro Parks, Erie Mfg, Eriks Delicafe, Erin Engineering & Research, Erisa Design organisation Admin, ERM Employee Ben Pln, Ermico Enterprizes, Ernest & Julio Gallo, Ernest P Breaux Electric, Ernie Davis & Sons Mechanical, max ernst & Young, Ernst Enterprises, Ernst Winter, Erols Internet, ERoom Tech, ERS Intl, Erthal Oil, ERTL 451, Ertl Co, ES Merriman & Sons, Escagenetics Corp, Escamilla, Eschberger Farms, ESCO Laminating 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Consulting, FTN of Tarpon Spgs, Fuchs Systems, fire West Co, Fugleburg Koch Architechs, Fuji Industries, Fuji seedlike Oil, Fujikoki America, Fujisawa USA, Fujitec America, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Systems of Amer, Fukuda Denshi Am, Fukutomi Farms, Fulbright & Jaworski, Fulfillment Systems, Full Faith, Full Sail Recorders, Fuller Johnson & Farrell PA, Fuller Transfer, Fullerton College/Athletic Acc Ins, Fullerton CSU Assoc Students, Fullerton Police Aca/Athletic Acc Ins, Fullerton School Dist, Fully Insured, "Fulton Companies, The", artificer Industries, Fulton Law Firm, "Fulton, City of", Fulton-El Camino rejuvenation & Park Dist, Functional Pathways TN, Furman Selz Inc, Furman Univ Girls, Furniture & Industrial Crpntrs Hlth, Furr's Supermarkets, Furrs Bishop Inc, Furst Mc Ness, Furuno USA Inc, Fusion, Fusion Ceramics, Fuss & O'Neill, Futronix, coming Ford, Future Graphics LLP, proximo Point Admin Svcs, Future Tool & Die, Futurekids, "Futures class Intl Inc, The", Futures Mgmt, Futurex Industries, FVA Inc, FW Contractors, FX Coughlin Co, Fynn Sabatino & Day, FYR Fyter Sales & Svc, G Carter Construction, G Greenstreet, G Hinojosa Produce Co, G Kopanzna, G Tremblay, G Wesley kenneth clark MD, G&B Marine, G&C Foundry, G&C Meyer Farms, G&D Transportation, G&G motorcar & Plmbg Dist, G&G Glass, G&G edifice Investors, G&G Oil Co of Indiana, G&L pecker Co, G&M Transmission, G&R Felpausch, G&R Refrigeration, G&RG Trucking, G&S Typesetters, G&W Engineers, G-Tel, G2 Research, GA Specialty Assoc, GAA Oil, Gab Business Svcs, Gab Palace Hotel, Gab Robins North America, physicist Agency, Gadsen Elementary School, Gaeden Enderby & Co, smoke Brothers Concrete Prod, Gage Corp, "Gaines, County of", Gainesville Foundry, town Products, "Gainesville, City of", Gainey Ranch Comm Assoc, Galactic, Galatian Inc, Galaxy Scientific Corp, Galbraith Electric, Galbreath, mineral Farmers Exchange, mineral ISD, Galena Park Schools FCU, Galesburg School/Comm Unit Schl 205, Galey & Lord, Galion City 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