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(many species) Physical Description: Tiny, pear-shaped soft-bodied insects up to 1/8 inch long. Aphids can be green, yellow, brown, red, gray or black. At the hind end of an aphid are two small, tube-like structures called cornicles. What Attracts Them: soft, green growth caused by excessive fertilization with nitrogen Crops Affected: Because there are numerous taxon of aphids, there are umpteen possibleness host plants.

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If it’s tiny, winged, and flashing in your backyard, it might be a firefly—but it might not. Other species of bugs as well glow and use bioluminescence to communicate, brainstorm mates, and scare off predators. It is known as the “headlight elator” because its lights are on its head; they have two small light light federal agency at the back of the head and one under their abdomen. Here are a few bugs that are commonly misidentified as fireflies—and how to tell the difference. Fireflies, notwithstanding human glowing abdominal segments. Like elater larvae, their larvae are also bioluminescent.

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BY KYM POKORNY regular on those hot summer days once a slamming screen door can't ado up a breeze, a circus of activity is exit on in the backyard. Insects are meeting, coupling and avid all other in their very own backyard Bugville. Now earlier you say "Ewww, bugs," consider that those insects help keep your yard healthy without toxic insecticides.
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