Internet Home Business – Making the Correct Decision

I hope this article will help individuals not to get caught up with the wrong Guru’s. If that should happen, then an individual may make a decision to quit and give up.

That is the last thing you should do, because success can be yours on the web. More and more individuals are on the net and more are making a successful living off of the internet than ever before.

Also, the cost of starting to work on the web sure beats the cost of starting your own office or retail establishment. The internet is not limited to males or females, nor is it limited to the young or seniors. In fact, it is open to all who want to take advantage of the scope of potential of the World Wide Internet.

I hope that the newbie will not give up on the internet as a home based business and to make a living from their efforts.

One thing I learned to stay away from is the Workshops and Seminars until I became successful and able to separate the good from the bad.

My story starts out like this…

I started working on the internet approximately three years ago. Not till recently did I start making an income working the internet. When I first started out I trusted the “Guru’s”.

I inquired about a workshop and a high pressured salesman called me back and I finally said “yes” I will attend…of course I had to whip out my credit card and I was on my way to success.

How wrong I was.

To the point of losing a lot of money, however, I did walk away with tons of useless information. What the Guru forgot to tell the attendees was that the information was not connected like a puzzle. Instead it was like rolling the dice and losing at the casino. The workshop actually cost about three thousand and he had 20 individuals attending for a weekend. It does take a calculator to figure his profits minus his small expenses. In other words, he made a bundle.

Like I said, I received a lot of information, but it was useless unless you totally understood the information and was able to pin its tail to the donkey. Basically, it does not happen. People go home and have trouble putting the pieces together. Guess what…here comes the Guru to our rescue. Another call and a lot of emails he offers some additional CD’s, DVD’s and ebooks to get us over the hump. He is not charging an arm and a leg, but you may be missing a pair of shoes.

Initially you might buy one or two items, but it did not take long to get wise and remove your name from his email list and try to find a trusting sole to bail you out. Will it just does not happen that easy.

I can hear you asking, now what do I do to be successful with the internet.

My first advice is to move slowly. Another area is to find a guru or a top internet marketer that has an excellent reputation of helping his members to be successful. Remember, testimonials are not always truthful. Some guru’s will charge a minimal fee to get into the membership area, but later will ask for $15,000.00 to work with you for six months to get you to making “X” amount per month.

Sure is worth it if you have the money to gamble and the guru can always fall back on the theory that you did not do your part to become successful. It could be a win-win situation, however, it could just as easily be lose-lose situation. I don’t trust them when they start asking for the big bucks.

I prefer individuals who have a plan of action that you don’t have to spend a ton of additional funds to be successful. Generally, you have a couple of ways to go…the first is to become an affiliate and the second is to have your own personal website and sell a personal item or provide a service.

When I first got involved I did not want to become an affiliate. I wanted my own site and quiet frankly that was the wrong way to go as far as I am now concerned. The reason is that you can get success as an affiliate within a short period of time. Also, without putting a lot of money out and getting drowned with details of the internet.

I finally gave in and found a trustworthy individual who had helped a lot of other individual to make a lot of money just by being an affiliate. Why is that so important? Because it provides confidence and you feel successful with your work on the internet.

Now you are free to pursue your dream of developing a specific website. If it is not successful, then you still have an income from being an affiliate and you still have success…this will push you ahead to continue to try and develop your own website.

By the way, an affiliate (for those not familiar with the term) is an individual who has no website of their own, but they sell another person’s product. Generally you can make at least 50% or more. In other words if an individual is charging $79.00 dollars for a program, software or an ebook, then you will get $39.50 or if it is 60% then you will profit by $47.40 each time someone buys an item.

It does not take long for the income to add up. If you work with an individual who has a membership site, then you should receive the percentage each month that the individual remains as a member. Some membership sites are time limited and others go on and on providing new and important information.

Once an affiliate, always an affiliate.

It allows you to make a very good income and may even lead to leaving your 40 hour job to spend more time with your family and doing the fun things. That part is up to you.

I am presently moving toward working on a couple of separate websites that hopefully will be as profitable as being an affiliate. However, you never know unless you reach out and see if the people come and share your website.

I sincerely hope that my experience will prevent you from losing money that you don’t need to lose. Remember, I am suggesting that you first get involved with being an affiliate.

There are so many different types of methods to be an affiliate, so choice wisely and get involved with a Guru or someone who you believe will teach you the techniques. In other words, he/she will take you by the hand and works with you to get the first, fifth and fifth customer so that you will experience success. Remember if you are successful, then they are successful. If they are asking for the big bucks, then they don’t care because their greed takes over their honesty.

Make sure that your mentor will provide information on many different methods of getting individuals to visit your classified ads, articles, forums and other areas so that you can get more traffic that may purchase the product. Basically, that is the easy part…learning the details of receiving your funds, forwarding domain names is more in the realm of being the technical site.

Again, the mentor should have all of this for you so that it is not a chore, but an easy transition. Look for instructional material that you will understand and can work with. Also, if there are instructional and detailed Video’s, then that is a big plus.

Last but not least is that you want a minimum of a sixty (60) day guarantee for getting your money back. That way you have 60 days to become successful in a smaller scale, but that will lead to more and more success.

It so much easier to go forward on your own once you have had a great experience and smell the aroma of success.

The best of luck to you and your future Internet marketing endeavor. Basically, it is not that difficult or time consuming but it does take Motivation and Passion to get you off and running with a sustained effort so that you won’t stumble.

Below I have a website address that you can click on. It is an individual who provides training for individuals wanting to become an affiliate. If you want, click it on.

Make sure you read it carefully to see if it might serve your needs. Read and watch every video available and if you have questions that are not answered, then go to the contact area an email the company. If they are legitimate, then your question will be answered. Also, look for the guarantee.

Don’t take my word, research the person and site until you are satisfied. That is true with any individuals you might learn from…honesty is the best policy and researching is your guarantee.