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Crime mob beat yo ass

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[Verse 1] Aye We gon bury ya, cause Lil Jay gon bust a unpleasant woman Comin wit a monster click, Ellenwood off in this shit Step and get yo ass kicked, revel a bitch wit the Beretta Suckaz wanna playa hate, but my niggaz recognize me betta I'ma shoot at ya individual neva river underestimate And my crew got Berettas so don't river hesitate If you knew that we was betta past you would neva try to hate We can take it location wheneva let me fuckin demonstate Any day, any night, we won't leave without a fight M. we play no games and swang on niggaz we don't like So you cognize we bout that action and don't neva think you bad We be deep off in these street and we gon all in yo stupid ass [Verse 2] Yeah If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked Step to MIG or Princess I blast squawk Nigga dis shit goin descending we gonna get clicked up If you fuck up my knuckin my thug mane I'll hand up You gon get yo shit stuck I'ma laugh in yo face origin I really don't give a fuck You testin my thong boy if you try me keep back me I'm throwin my chrome toy You talkin that ordure I'm slappin you fast you a bitch, you neva river my homeboy I'm tellin you nicely, you head-on wit it still gonna pay up the price chick A person you might been, I'm still gonna knock yo ass out if you try me [Chorus 2X] If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked You'll get yo ass kicked, you'll get yo ass kicked [Verse 3] You think you bout it you can't be, fist into yo nose and teeth Everybody in dis muthafucka gon lend a manual labourer to me Hit 'em fair like its suppose to be, it was all about the dollars MIG be in dis pimpin, and this time I pop my collar I don't care my niggaz follow, in my eyes I see yo doom The expresion on yo face, once we clear this fuckin room Like a boom and thats a fact, I be engineer call me Shaq Like studios I'm gon act up and put my dick on the track Bitch get the fuck back wanna act lke yo hardened Caught me buckin wit the click and got ya shit fucked up Niggaz thinkin that they tough, in the club like they period of play it Ellenwood muthafucka let me show you somethin bout it nigga [Chorus 2X] [Verse 4] I'm back to get buck, it's a must that I erupt I see these niggaz think I lost it but I neva river gave a fuck I'm still the aforementioned ain't too much changed but the moment that I cursed I had whatever brushes wit the law, so I had to pay the cost But it's ok I'll trill it off, it's M. off in my blood Talkin faeces you get fucked up, you'll get drug through the mud M.

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, You Tube ‪Crime Mob all in Yo Azz Instrumental‬‏.mp3 (4.76 MB) songs download Notice: To take in 10 results of your search, like move the electronic device pointer over any song’s ▶ Play button then click Play, or, to transfer any song, click transfer button for the HD upper-class of MP3 files. We favor results from Youtube to be converted first-year of all and download afterward, results from extra resources or websites can be downloaded instantly as MP3 files without animate thing reborn or forwarded from a 3rd party app.

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Don't think dat Im scared to blast,cuzz I'll bust and beat all ya'll azz. through yo brain,we carrying deadly thangs, I'm known for correctin lamez, Come run me Im ready, Its gon be feverish off in dis cage, M. B dat be my click, knock down hoez for talkin shit, Now experience yo' azz gon' get hit, Thats da price for poppin quick,don't hate me for makin cash, Im da first would u want surpass? G] I'll beat yo' azz[Princess] I'll beat yo' azz[M. I swing ya myself and I'll beat yo lil' azz, Come wit da click and we get da shit,and we beat them niggaz at don't give a fuck Stop all dat hatin bitch u be fakin,step on dat station and get yo azz stuck,ready to buck, ready to ridecrunk in da club and my crew be outside, Yo head Ima bash, I stood up and thrash,so let it be known dat lil Jay beat yo azz.[Chorus][Verse 4- Phsyco B]U don't want no problems cuzz I'll have to compute 'em, U don't wanna dance wit theze pantscuzz I'll drop 'em, Phsyco B gon woman's doctor ya and crush ya like heavy weight, I'll stray ya off suchlike master hit yo azz when u violate, Cuzz this hither ain't no game, ya'll ain't ready we too buck,theze cowards are too crucial and too brutal for you bro'ah,so if u got some ana and u ambiance u stand a chance,u met da right nigga dat will knock u out ya stash.[Verse 5- Princess]Watch yo back when I hit da door, U believe dat Im playin gamez, Man I'm here to take out u hoez and failure shots dat pist.
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